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Custom Paper Cups Directly from the Manufacturer

Discover top-grade paper cups, perfect for coffee shops or corporate events, provide a variety of sizes, styles, and custom options.


Biodegradable and recyclable cups, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Quality paper cups supplied straight from our fully automated manufacturing facility.

Custom Design

Tailor-made branding with vibrant colors and unique designs for your business.


Reliable and efficient global distribution, ensuring timely delivery of your Paper Cup orders.

Recommended Custom Reusable Bag styles

Showcase your brand, connect with eco-conscious consumers, and package purchases with sustainably.


Endlessly Customizable Paper Cups for Your Brand

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Common Size for Single & Double Wall Paper Cups

TypeSizeOpening Diameter (CM)Bottom Diameter (CM)Height (CM)Volume (mL)
Single Layer Paper Cup7 OZ7.25.27.2200ml
8 OZ-808.05.49.1260ml
8 OZ-909.05.68.5280ml
12 OZ9.06.011.2400ml
16 OZ9.06.013.3500ml
20 OZ9.06.016.0600ml
22 OZ9.06.017.0720ml
Double Layer Paper Cup8 OZ-808.05.49.1260ml
8 OZ-909.06.08.5280ml
10 OZ9.05.69.4330ml
12 OZ9.06.011.2400ml
16 OZ9.06.013.3500ml
20 OZ9.06.215.8600ml


We'll work with you to determine the ideal cup dimensions, shape, and capacity to suit your product needs and customer convenience.


Make the bags a walking billboard for your brand with full-color printing, logos, icons and more using eco-friendly inks.


Materials from renewable sources, ensuring biodegradability and ecological responsibility.


A range of innovative lid designs enhancing user experience, tailored for different cup styles and beverages functionality.

Custom Single & Double Wall Paper Cups

Experience function with our customizable paper cups, designed for both single and double-wall preferences, high-resolution, full-coverage cup printing.

Custom Paper Cups with Lids and Straws

A range of innovative lid designs enhancing user experience, tailored for different cup styles and beverages functionality.

Customizable Disposable Coffee Cups Lids

Each lid is designed with functionality and customization in mind, offering features that cater to the diverse preferences of your customers.

Branded Paper Bags

Complete the customer experience with custom paper bags that make carrying their purchases convenient and stylish. These bags are not only practical but also serve as a mobile advertisement for your brand as customers carry them through the streets.

Complete Beverage Packaging Solutions

Extend your branding with customizable cup holders that provide comfort and protection. Ideal for hot beverages, these holders prevent hand discomfort and are a perfect advertising space to further showcase your brand.


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