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Custom Disposable Food Containers Manufacturer

Customize your Food Containers with Us. Available in various sizes and designs, perfect for restaurants, cafes, and food service businesses. Bulk and wholesale pricing available.


Serve as a mobile advertisement, displaying your logo and message across a wider audience, enhancing brand recognition and recall.


Tailor bag size, color, and design to fit specific branding and packaging needs, providing with the flexibility.


Leverage our large production capacity and streamlined processes to quickly produce batches of customized reusable bags.


Contribute to a positive customer experience by the quality and identity.

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Showcase your brand, connect with eco-conscious consumers, and package purchases with sustainably.


Popular Sizes of Custom Takeout Bags

NO.Size  W x D x H (MM)Size  W x D x H (INCH)ThicknessFeature
#190*55*1803.54*2.17*7.0960gsm / 70gsmwater and oil-resistant Coating Available

Excellence in Function and Style

Direct from our factory: custom Paper take out bags combining eco-friendly materials, advanced durability, and distinctive branding for an exceptional food service experience.

Enhance your brand with our Custom Made, manufacturer-directed takeout bags. Durable, eco-friendly, and visually striking – perfect for any food service.

Versatile Custom Takeout Paper Bags Packaging

Tailor every aspect of the packaging to reflect the brand’s image, logo, and color scheme for consistent marketing.

Provide a complete packaging solution with custom boxes, containers, and bags, ensuring a unified brand experience.

exceptional strength and durability

5kg Heavy-Duty Custom Takeout Bags

Bear the Weight with Strength, designed to carry up to 5kg effortlessly. Strength meets style for your heaviest culinary delights.

Customizable Stickers and Labels for Your Takeout Bags

Make your mark with personalized bag labels. Elevate your brand identity through customizable stickers and labels, adding a unique touch to every order

Sealed for Perfection - Shrink Film Packaging

We prioritize the hygienic conditions for your takeout bagswith our shrink film packaging,ensuring your culinary presentation to the highest standards.

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