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Elevate Your Beverage Delivery Experience with Our Paper Cup Carriers. Explore Sustainable Solutions Now!


Our paper cup carriers are known for their dependable quality, ensuring your beverages are carried securely.


We specialize in customizable designs, tailored to meet your specific branding and serving needs.


Our carriers are designed for cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring a clean and safe beverage experience.


Contribute to a positive customer experience by the quality and identity.

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Showcase your brand, connect with eco-conscious consumers, and package purchases with sustainably.

Compositable Paper Cup Carriers

Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Carriers

Our paper pulp molded products, known as ‘paper cup carriers,’ are crafted using plant fiber pulp (from sources like wood, bamboo, reeds, sugarcane, and grass) or recycled materials. Through a specialized process and additives, these three-dimensional paper pulp products are molded and shaped on dedicated mesh screens.

Paper pulp molding, a part of the green packaging industry, is increasingly adopted by more manufacturers. Its use of waste paper as raw material, practicality, shock resistance, and affordability have garnered recognition and support from a growing number of buyers. It aligns with national standards and serves the needs of industrial development.

Our paper cup carriers not only prioritize quality and functionality but also adhere to eco-friendly principles, making them a sustainable choice for your beverage packaging needs.

Excellence in Function and Style

Paper pulp molded Carriers, commonly known as ‘paper cup carriers’ (abbreviated as ‘paper trays’), are a new type of inner packaging product that serves as an alternative to foam packaging. They offer waterproof, oil-resistant, and shock-absorbing properties while being fully recyclable. These carriers meet the stringent requirements for export products, making them a cutting-edge packaging solution.

Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Carriers - Perfect for Every Need

Discover our wide array of Paper Cup Carriers, catering to every requirement. Our collection includes versatile designs for 1, 2, 4, and 5-cup configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion. Whether you’re serving individual beverages or multiple drinks, our carriers provide unmatched convenience and stability. For unique needs, we offer customizable options to accommodate different cup sizes. Each carrier is meticulously crafted for durability, ease of handling, and environmental responsibility, using biodegradable materials. Ideal for cafes, events, and personal use, our carriers are a testament to sustainability without sacrificing style or functionality.

Space-Saving and Tearable

Our 2-cup trays are designed to be easily separated into two single-cup holders, or other multi-cup holders can also be separated, offering unparalleled flexibility for both businesses and individual users.

Customizable Packaging for Drinks, Coffee, and More

Promote your beverage selling with our all-inclusive solutions, tailored to meet every need. We don’t just offer innovative Paper Cup Holder tray; our range extends to a complete selection of beverage accessories. This includes high-quality cups, secure lids, eco-friendly straws, and convenient packaging bags. Each product is customizable, allowing you to create a cohesive and branded experience for your customers. Whether you’re serving coffee, tea, smoothies, or other drinks, our products ensure that every aspect of your beverage service is covered.

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